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House and Senate Introductions
Every bill introduced every day, including assigned categories and committee referrals. Click the bill to view more.
Every Action on Every Bill
The day's House and Senate actions for every single bill. Clickable links to committees and meeting agendas.
All Upcoming Hearings
Committee hearings, budget meetings, and House and Senate Floor Calendars. Every bill for every upcoming hearing, along with a link to the full agenda.
Printable PDF or Online
You will get a pixel-perfect printable PDF every night — but if you prefer the fully dynamic online version we have that too.
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Suggested Bills To Track
You put in the keywords, categories, or law sections you follow — we check every new bill for a match!
Actions on Just My Bills
Every action on just the bills you are tracking — organized and grouped by your client or track.
Upcoming Hearings on My Bills
Keep your week focused — Committee hearings and calendars on just the bills you care about.
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